Hawking Transverse Relativity Drive

There are many ways in which matter can be manipulated and nature does a good job of running across those that can occur by blind chance and a billion years, but some things don't happen naturally like electronic circuits. Something that has been bugging me for a while is Hawking radiation. It implies something in the same way that every fact I encounter gets mixed up with every other fact until new associations create new possibilities. It is obvious that it is possible to induce escape from a gravity well by several means, but some are better than others. Something that cancels the effect of gravity leads to a complete new world. Many possible advances are like that, game changers. I want to understand what is nagging at my consciousness, because it is a massive advantage, but it won't seem to get coherent. If somebody else gets it before I do it will make me very sad. That is all that drives me, I just want to know and new things that others discover is fine, but there is no thrill for me.

It has something to do with Hawking radiation, and the nature of transverse relativity of energy. I have discovered something about probability transfer that also has something to do with it, and writing about it will put it in mind for me and make it more substantial. I know that probability can flow between certain matter states and that universal uncertainty or indifference plays a role. It is certainly a real effect, but like many things, the scope of where to look or test is so large that it needs to be limited. I do wonder how somebody came to try cat's whiskers.

The strange thing about that is that it could have been done any time after metal existed and dissimilar metals in salt water bridge were possible. I can take a Penny and Nickel and some paper in between made wet with spit and measure the voltage it produces. I have heard that even early Egyptians made voltaic piles. It is just frustrating that it is several thousand years later that a use of electricity is found. It could have happened any time actually and the 100 years since the first crystal radio is a blink in history and almost nothing in cosmological time. I always assume that something very useful is right there in front of me and all I have to do is apply myself in a sensible way. I would think that if a person could make a spark it would be considered entertaining, but recent ( 1,000s of years ) documented history seems to be dominated with the Spanish Inquisition like attitude to science. Hmmm, something I read in Newton's Principia.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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