A tale of two electrons

I have borrowed a trillion Gedanken dollars from the Gravity Guild to produce this play in dimensions as reality is too big to fail. So the tale begins with two electrons alone in the universe and their adventures in math space. In their action they have only one dimension which lies directly along the vector between them. They do hate each other and will escape forever based upon an inverse square law and will both have the same momentum and energy and that will always add to zero and can never be any different.

Oh, poor Motey The silly old fart He can't even tell His electrons apart

Now the Time Lords get involved and this is where strange things begin to happen. They have fashioned a saddle of woven space and have decided to ride the electrons in a strange type of temporal rodeo. The first , who is the dark master jumps on the electron and prepares for his wild ride and what he experiences is nothing at all! Apparently the only other electron is accelerating at twice the value it should and the momentum and energy of the universe is disturbed in an impossible way. There is no symmetry! This will certainly drive him mad.

The other Time Lord has decided to try and fix this, as a universe full of hate would be rather dull. He adds a Proton and suddenly there is love. The only problem is that there are two that vie for the loving embrace of their irresistible soul mate. Things have started to get complex and dimensions have expanded to two which makes circles and curves possible. It has also twisted the fabric of space and allowed the Queen of the Wholly Dark to appear in never time. The Time Lords cannot go there as this is the province of the Gravity Guild and they are the only ones who can stand the constant howling of the werecats.

The second Time Lord, who shall be motey has inadvertently created the Wholly Dark as a side effect of his actions to have love in the universe. It so happened ( and only the Gravity Guild can explain why ) that the free electron became engaged to the Proton and it was a wonderful ceremony, however the union did create something new that was the child of anti-time. The sadness of this only child prompted Motey to create another Proton so that everybody could be at peace and that none would be alone. Unfortunately the Guild had other plans and the marriage of light was ripped asunder while the lonely Proton cavorted instead with the wandering Dark Master. This also created a new dimension and now there was three. It was then that the Werecats did scream in a frenzy as they finally had their true voice.

The Dark Master was soothed as symmetry did form and he had moments of peace from the madness, and yet it was not enough and so he calculated the ionization potential and created a rift. Now Motey was very confused as the perfect fidelity and eternal love was shattered by the indifference and lack of personality. It was then that he saw the gleaming web of uncertainty that had become woven with the entanglements.

It was the third infinity that made this mess and the fourth was no help. Motey cried out to Cantor, Leibniz, and Newton for help. Something he had not noticed in the frenzied faithless orgy was that some eternal and undying love had emerged. It gave Motey hope that there could be some perfect solution to a riddle of his own creation. An odd light that came from the second sight formed and Motey saw the shadow of the future which would prompt them to fall to the embrace of Ra. The Dark Master had many trials ahead of him and to live in the heart of Ra would certainly take him places that would forever change him and create the nemesis that was the product of creation. He was eternal in his throne upon the electron and yet something even more bizarre than his dark confusion looms on the horizon of time. Imhotep was asked and he did tell a story, but many have gotten the tale twisted by their own Dark position which twists the perception of symmetry. The fragmented and stained glass visions of the Pharaohs were far worse than the confusion of the Dark Master and perhaps this is yet another tale for many things have been ignored for the sake of art.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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