Magic dollars

I always astounds me that people can be lead astray with a simple lie. I will offer a Trillion dollars in cash and gold to anyone who will design and build a weapon that makes me invincible. It is a paradox that resolves the lie. It seems to work without hitch throughout history. I have a deck of cards face down on the table, pick one and don't tell me what it is. Now slip it back in the deck and I will shuffle until you are happy with the mixture and will turn up your card on the top of the deck. The fact that the deck is composed entirely of the King of Diamonds should not detract, as everyone must believe in magic.

I am sure that any nation would like to know how to cancel inertia or move about the stars and keep that information and method to themselves. It is the only thing they seek, that which maintains power over others and it is always true that if you can kill those who disagree, you will have a perfect world filled with those of like mind and character. You can choose any despot or government from the pile, but what you fail to realize is that they are all the King of Death.

Who would pay for the stars? I wonder if it is a real question or not. If a design were presented that allowed simple and cheap travel to any place outside this gravity well, would a person be allowed to own it by being the cheerleader for its adoption? Give me the power and I will give you freedom! What a farce, as it is the paradox that freedom is personal choice and to give that choice to another is the end of freedom. It does seem to work, but do people have to fall for the same trick so many times that it makes me cringe?

The design is complete and the outcome is certain. It is only a question of who will own space or perhaps whether anyone should own space. It is an act of force and it cannot be maintained upon a surface without limit, but I am sure it will be considered sensible to own that which is not by proclamation of intent to kill. All or nothing is a game that serves evolution, but I don't know whether one eyed pirates are wild and perhaps I will never know.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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