Cotton doesn't make a wrinkle free universe

I have read about Cotton and perhaps it does imply a "Wrinkle in Time".
The entire issue certainly is a manifold and that is the interesting thing. There are many ways through the n-dimensional continuum or manifold that satisfy least energy path for different things. This is the math path I need to take. There is the issue of twistors also. Within that resolution is absolute control of matter. It implies power beyond any which has ever existed and as I have said, power is a drug that is worse than Meth or Crack. Every despot, maniac and politician is addicted and perhaps we need to include that in the "war on drugs".
Absolute power destroys absolutely and unequivocally if left in the hands of those who seek and love it.

I personally could care less about power as it is a lie that one tells the self. Reason is my flag. ( okay, maybe sometimes it is the jolie rouge ).


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen