Stealth planet

Information from Spain and Czechoslovakia highlight the facts that may be contained in absence. Information is ZIL. It would be a far stretch to say certainly that this could be a purposely cloaked planet, but given that we know very little of the universe as a whole, nothing is ruled out given 14 billion years and billions of galaxies. I was referring to TrES-3b the planet.

If forced to guess , I would say graphene sphere with a coating of soot from burn through, just for the implications. I suppose it could be an egg sac from the Queen of Wholly Dark for all we know.

The presumption of natural occurrence is unwarranted in my opinion. There is no data to suggest in either direction whether the universe is barren or completely populated. I personally do not see that SETI has done anything to exclude life signals as I do not think that RF is a valid indicator as it is wasteful and imprecise and simply indicates a small blip in the progress of technology to line of connection communication using end to end methods which have no significant losses that would be detectable. I would say that lack of information might be a better indicator than some flashy 10 light year across sign that says "Eat at Joe's". It also implies that advertising one's presence might lead to the wrong kind of attention if the entire spectrum of possibilities is considered or that it just might be wasteful. Wasting resources on something that has no significant gain is bad strategy for biological life. It is just easier to figure out the universe than to advertise for a tutor that might charge an arm and a leg for their services [ literally ]. Nature is cruel from the perspective of the individual life.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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