Soylent 5550 Angstroms

It does seem that a breakaway potential is approaching. The pressure of life on the planet is perhaps higher than the constraining forces. If a tunneling protocol was established, it might pop all together. In a system of thermodynamics the upper limit of energy would be the catalyst point for action and I wonder if something is to be gained in doing time and boundary analysis. It is something that I wonder about once and a while. If the average effect or E sub k is a certain number, how long would one expect for differing levels of energy to be achieved and what would be their conjugate probability. In the case of a vial of nitro, there is certainly a point where the action is catalytic, but is there a boundary or perhaps a variance that can be expressed in probability per degrees below the point of ignition energy. Is it really a spectrum or does it vary on powers of difference. It would seem that it is a high power or even the power of a power with a factorial. There must be coincidence and threshold. I would think that as time goes by, nitro would go stale depending on storage temperature.

It has been my experience that most lab chemicals tend to some lower state of equilibrium over time.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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