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I have done some more analysis on DTV, just for the knowledge sake and it involves 8VSB and ATSC PSIP. It is hardly a straight forward thing and why exactly it isn't just data is obvious. The object is not to give it to you, but to impose the data on you. So there are tables after the vestigial side band (SIN COS residue) is extracted which is about craptastic in itself. I may do some extraction of streams and look at the raw data for some more clues as to why it is such a POS ( pointless obsolete screw ). I wonder how long they will be able to maintain a revenue stream delivering reruns of Howdy Doody in black and white with 50% commercial time. I suppose it will be Captain Kangaroo that is post processed to 3D next. One would have to have no life at all to find this entertaining. In other words, it is broadcast for the Living Dead.

Shows about mutants are always ridiculous as they imply that some dramatic change ( other than immediately dead ) could happen with broad and random SNP. There is one thing that is possible with perhaps only one really specific SNP that would out shine all the horror movies, though it wouldn't have any gigantism or blood sucking, just a fade to black.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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