The speed of shadow lightning

The image is from the internet archive and originally from NASA. I find it interesting because it is reflective. The device is observed by the device and it is measuring its own existence in the nothingness it creates.

All of this is tied up in quantum entanglement and probability. The removal of an effect causes change and I avoid thinking about this because it is confusing. Perhaps if I create an analytical framework for it, it will be more useful. Science deals with measurement and effect. It is not the normal analysis to look at what is not and calculate a causal dependency within that system. It is almost silly. For every action which takes place, there is an infinite space where it does not. I suppose that is the complication. If I were to consider the inverse effect of a causal sequence, it would be a constant infinity. That is not to say that the failure to have effect does not alter the process which is external to the system under analysis. The lack of effect is in itself an effect. So shadow lightning is just as real as its counterpart.

The fact that identity of an individual particle is impossible adds to the confusion. I could say that it is just as well to have any electron in the universe in my circuit and it would have the same effect. That is actually true in the localized time with space but fails in the anti-time. Because everything is infinite it is reasonable to extend the laws of action to include the fact that for every action there is an anti-reaction , which is infinite in scope. Thus as a result there are 4 parts to a reaction. Two paired reactions act in time and anti-time. This shadow time is definitely causal. If plants live in the shadow of the Oak, they are changed in some lacking way.

This is another place where infinity analysis is appropriate. Everything is infinite in nature and effect, so it is reasonable that in that shadow is an infinitely more complex causal effect.

A person cannot get their mind around infinity by definition. Infinity is not enclosed by any containment. By examining aspects of infinity as an object I may be able to devise anti-causal dependencies in the same way as measured dependent effect. Clearly the lack of nutrients causes a plant to die, but the analysis does not take place in the missing state equations. By its very nature, the analytic process takes singularities and ones to reach a conclusion. There are many things in the darkness that crave the light of reason.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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