Encumberance of technology past

Thorium engines are interesting and as a path to new technology it makes sense after some cursory analysis. If it produces more energy than it takes to mine, then it is likely valid. It is just one step toward the future and it is possible to complete the process to an energy source that is small and useful like the walnut sized reactors of "The Foundation". The biggest problem with new ideas is that they hang around too long. If alternatives had been considered when Ford built the first car, then things would be different. It is the monopolistic practice of giving license to technology far beyond its lifetime that actually retards new and better designs. The original intent was to spur new ideas by making them profitable, but in a quickly changing technology it does not make sense to jump 100% to each new idea. It is fostered by the economic model of invention and capitalization to profit, which requires that the technology be used long enough for investors to get return. If I deliver a room temperature superconductor and somebody invests a trillion dollars to implement the advantage and a newer and even better approach becomes possible after the design phase, everybody loses unless they stop the better solution. In nature a mutation ( new design ) gains momentum by its own gain and there are many competing designs. In order to get the most effective and suitable design, it cannot consume all other possibilities because it is the best in that little time slice of infinity. It is a bad game and pushed by greed and incompetence. The gain is greater if the product is shared and risk is averted as there is only one pot.

It is a model of selective pressure in the economic system that creates the issue. The psychological and neurological cause will not change. There are models which take these facts into account and the political and economic systems of the world are crossbow designs for a laser world. Political science [ read alchemy ] is 10,000 years behind other technology.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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