Space guns and inertial canceling

I was wondering about space guns and doing some calculations and happened upon a Wikipedia article. It seems that the device must be active to achieve orbit. The drawback to space guns is inertia. It kills living things and destroys everything else with G-force. There are many good points in the article on Non-rocket space launches and it is true that the cost in energy per unit KG delivered today is ridiculous. It only requires one successful gun launch to deliver a Gravity Guild platform in space and as I have said before, it would operate anywhere outside the atmosphere. It is the mass per unit area problem and it would function quite well to extract and deploy any amount of material cheaply to the surface of planets and moons without atmosphere.

It started as something to do with a water hammer and pneumatic systems and ballistics.

The other problem is that somebody is going to be upset if a person or Gravity Guild device leaves the planet, but really what are they freaked up about. Kim Jong-Sick has been shooting his rockets that wander as well as killing people at random, claiming to be god, and openly hacking the US as well as other countries. I suppose if you are nuts, build bombs, as well as willing to kill millions of innocent people you have a favored status for doing such stuff. He is certainly a serial killer, but then there have been a lot of those in positions of power.

Power in space is another of those things that disturbs the status quo, but what exactly does that mean? I suppose it just means that things should not change. I suggest that everything be dipped in liquid helium and then there would be no appreciable change at all.

I happened on this site called "gizmology" which has some interesting stuff and the miniature Sherman tank is great training in defense tactics for when the mutants, undead, Comet Zombies, Terminators and HKs roam the Earth killing everybody.

I had an odd idea about space. If it were cheap to dump things in space, Mars could be like a giant planetary dump and people could live there and recycle the crap into useful things. If there is bacterial life there, are we willing to wait 3 billion years to greet the inhabitants? What is the point, is it going to be used and abused or is it a rock world theme park with a great place to fly due to the fact that the gravity is 38% Earth normal. The Gravity Guild garbage collectors dump crap on the far side of Mars and build a theme park on the other, since there is no atmosphere and bacteria, it can't stink. Some people say the Gravity Guild garbage business is all mobbed up, but they are just jealous of the wages they get.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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