The Dark Master chameleon circuit seems to work

The Dark Master chameleon circuit on his Tardis works better than the Doctor's always.

"A CERN physicist has a new theory explaining the rotational curves of galaxies. 'The key message of my paper is that dark matter may not exist and that phenomena attributed to dark matter may be explained by the gravitational polarization of the quantum vacuum,'

I wish that I had all my ducks in a row, but I don't. Very interesting, however. I will do some study on the matter ( ha ha unintentional pun ) as the history and its associations may reveal some new insight. I think it may be a matter of terminology however. I see the shadow of matter and they see vacuum.

There is something very strange there and my opinion is that what lives in that dark is not something that people want to play with. I am reminded of the movie "Forbidden Planet" when I think of it. I'm never sure that anybody need to know these things. I would be nice if everybody could know, but I think that is actually impossible for most people. I worry on this one. I am not sure this is a positive thing, it would be nice if this came after certain other things, but just like River Song, things keep happening out of order and you can't look at spoilers even if you are the Doctor. That place is where the werecats howl and it is perhaps the one thing that truly sends shivers up my spine. Death is nothing to me, the shadows that cause the werecats to howl have something in them that I wish I didn't know. In any case, it is a complex subject to say the least, and I do not know everything. It is always nice to remember that. A person cannot learn until they accept that fact.

The worst of it is that it isn't a fictional TV show and nobody knows what will really happen when things change too fast.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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