RFIDs have some utility, but a Neutrino ID would be far better. I couldn't be easily detected and is very localized. Transform of visual and auditory information allows it to be used for remote application as a beacon or active component. RFIDs can be nanoscale and so can this. It has far better bandwidth and penetrates everywhere and AFAIK there is no shielding that would stop it. It is as good as superconducting for computation as well. It is the unnecessary E sub k that is generated with electrical circuits that is the problem.

I wonder if I could make an FPGA with neutrino gates, it would seem so, but I never considered it. That sure solves the FAB issue. I suppose I could even make a complete loop of it and make a FAB that makes FABs.

Now I am wondering how I can interface this to some form of DNA control. I see many things.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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