Engineers of mind

It isn't a perfect science, but it does achieve its goals. Those who are able to see its machinery do not detract from the effect itself. The biggest problem is that those easily influenced minds have less and less utility due to use. It is like rotating crops. If you continually plant the same rotting facts, it will eventually just become infertile ground for anything.

I can see many patterns and there are methods which can identify the structures and origins. I am just not certain that I can care for either the originator or object of their actions. It would seem that the act of manipulation has actually stripped the populace of its utility. Certainly it is driven by power and greed, but constraint in action has been lost. The time frame of action is the issue. The people who inflict the process on others also lack the ability to see how they have become pawns in an even larger game that they think they are winning.

My opinion is that this process is self destructive to a population as a whole. Nature does not keep such things, but its time frame of action is far beyond the single frame of human existence. If a person understands the whole process it makes more sense to take a path away from the feeding grounds of the army ants.

It is somewhat disconcerting that as I learn more and more, there are new patterns that encompass the old and what seemed somewhat universal is just a line in an act of a play that may in fact be a series of plays that have nothing to do with the players or audience.

I am considering Neudar today. It is interesting and neutral computation and effect seems to be a vastly better technology framework than operating with electrostatic changes of state. The losses are minimal compared to the thrashing of electron affinity or even nuclear affinities. The waste energy has to go somewhere and like many short sighted plans, they consume themselves in unconsidered consequence and rust.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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