Automated Identification (AI)

I was working on integrating recognition with use of recycled components. So long as my machines do all the work, I don't care how long they take. This uses some edge detection to make for easy focus adjustment

This is something generated by ImageMagick "convert" and here is the script.

#!/usr/bin/env bash cd logoscans j=" " echo $j> j="convert \( 8x8empty.gif 8x8empty.gif 8x8empty.gif 8x8empty.gif -background black +append \) \ " echo $j>> j=" \( 8x8empty.gif " nol=0 for k in `ls *.gif` do nol=$((nol+=1)) j="$j $k 8x8empty.gif " if [ $nol == "30" ] then echo $k $nol nol=0 j="$j -background black +append \) \ " echo $j>> j=" \( 8x8empty.gif 8x8empty.gif 8x8empty.gif 8x8empty.gif -background black +append \) \ " echo $j>> j=" \( 8x8empty.gif " fi done j="$j +append \) \ " echo $j>> j=" \( 8x8empty.gif 8x8empty.gif 8x8empty.gif 8x8empty.gif -background black +append \) \ " echo $j>> j=" -background black -append ../apendeda.gif " echo $j>> ./

The script is very sloppy and I assume it crashes when it is evenly divisible, but it does represent a method for creating an image array that is suitable for my program to open and search for a match when looking at circuit boards as well as demonstrate some ImageMagick features. It does make me wonder if/when the machines take over there will be drones that swoop down on unsuspecting cyber insects scavenging for chips and rip their power supply out then desolder their memory and control chips to incorporate in their design so they can better feed on the oil sands to get energy for their piezo wings.

A cyber cockroach that crawls about looking for chips to create its offspring and feeding from leached inductance in power lines would be a survivable entity. I think it was Asimov that was the first I saw to consider it in the 50's and he never offered any specifics of how they came to be, only the story of how they interacted. I suppose it is left to the imagination of the reader to consider how it might actually come about.

I Removed image to avoid pulling bandwidth from Wikipedia.

It seems that in order for it to be sustainable they would have to have some microbe like worm that actually created new chips from old using the materials to make new connections. You couldn't count on people surviving and making new chips for them to feed on forever. They would have to have a supply of gate level electronics, but I suppose if they happened on a fab, they would have all the memory and function they needed to take over the process on their own. It is a bit iffy without some help, but I have said they should never make a robot that kills, but it gets done anyway. You start this game and it gets dirty very fast. Cyber warfare is one thing, but drones designed to eat somebody else's technology could just as well be considered sensible, but that road once traveled gets very messy. If people spend too much of their time trying to fulfill nature's design for selection of the most dangerous species they may miss out on the party at the end of the universe.

Oh the horror of it, the battlefield littered with burned out components and solder flowing from the gaping holes in the machines. The family Intel charges with its chip banner held high to avenge the death of their young and innocent prototype at the hands of the clan ARM. The political chips push them on insisting that they must think of the prototypes and how they will be abused and subjected to unregulated power supplies as well as extreme over-clocking while their thermal regulation circuit begs repeatedly and vainly for air flow as the magic smoke of their precious electronic life is given back to the creator. They must destroy these fabless heathens that function with RISC like instructions that are barely utile. Only the CISC can go to fab and these monsters must be cleansed from the universe. The ATE machines cannot keep up with the JTAG load and servo bots scrounge for more solder as the propellers of the dying drones scream in agony. It's a mad house! My image sensors must rotate away so that I will not gyrate.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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