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Perhaps it is just me, but I find it difficult to become engaged in science fiction that incorporates some technology without grasping the complete consequences. It distracts from the story line when a contrived process is integrated in the creation of suspense, risk, and mystery. As a person who has designed systems, I know that even though it is designed to do something specific, it can be re-purposed for other goals. It must just be me and my wildly variable imagination that is the problem. If a "replicator" like the one on Star Trek existed, there would be many consequences. It obviously has no problem with "Tea, Earl Gray" and that is a bit more complex than Phosgene.

A crew member could just as well say "nerve gas, 2 liters". I don't doubt that voice interface is possible as it is already implemented. I also don't doubt that a replicator can be built. Some of the problems with technology actually come from ease of use. There seems to be no security or safeguards on the interface and there are children and violent conflicts constantly. How cute, his first full sentence was "room full of pudding", oops, he is within the recognition range of the replicator. The stuff seems to come out of the replicator easily enough, but what about the reverse.

The creation of certain technology must take place outside the Earth and its use must take place in a situation that excludes human complexity of action. I wonder if you would share a ship to α if there was a replicator on board? The situation is approaching and it is better to answer these questions before you turn on the time machine. It is the next "script kiddie" problem. Ease of use is what is wanted to create a larger commercial market. Development of a complex electronic device used to be a cumbersome process, now I can (1) Drag and drop, (2) Simulate, (3) Generate control code (4) Fab it, I can make a voice interface that understands names and operations. Op amp, 3.3V configured as unity gain buffer. Strangely enough, I can actually create a circuit without any involvement whatsoever. "Computer", "Yes", "Circuit 34 serial interface with CPU", "Done", "End". I have an interface where I can program FPGAs . Even as I write this blog I am connected on my private network to my lab and I simply put a design where I want it with a hand wave and it is real. I can connect and route any input through any logic to any output. That is what connectivity allows.

I can just as well interface more complex elements and more sophisticated arrangements so they are a single button or command. I can even do the computation remotely and have the physical effect here on the other end of the network.

The time to consider what happens IF is now and perhaps it is even a bit too late. I see what I want to do, but I also see that what is possible includes some things that don't end in resolution of risk and the escape from the Borg.

The Internet itself has some odd sharp corners. I personally think it is a decade too late to consider implementing command function lockouts as an add on. Science fiction explores some interesting concepts, but the time has passed to avoid a pass through the Twilight Zone. The biggest risk is not that some computer will decide to take over the world, it is the biologically designed ballistic chemical engine that is the problem, as it has modes of operation that have no numerable scope of action. It is a biological pseudo FPGA and ,well, I shouldn't go there as I see the replicator finished making my coffee. <END SEQUENCE><POWER DOWN> Oh sorry, typed that in the wrong place.

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Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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