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This one is JTAG and it is an interesting subject that is too long for a post. It relates to ICE and ATE, but Wikipedia seems not to like that disambiguation for ATE as it would not embiggen us all. It has some aspects that deserve more attention and it is on my list to do a little tinkering with what I know wasn't supposed to be possible. Hmmm.. Reverse CAD analysis. There are some specialty tools that I have used and I have never seen them mentioned by anybody on the net and I am guessing they were one time designs that weren't considered wise to be common knowledge. There really are a lot of holes in reality and some large enough to drive a nano truck through the keyhole. Unexpected consequences. I really doubt that anybody is willing to redesign the world to fill the holes.

I2C I have discussed and it is very common.

Now this is the eye of the mouse chip and it has its own way of dealing with data. On top of that I haven't mentioned RS232, CSMA, POT, SCADA, GEM/SECS , TCP/IP, ATM, ATSC, DVI, VGA, and many others.

You see this is why I need my sonic screwdriver that has FPGA and many different functions as well as having a psychic translator in the heart of the Tardis. I have discovered some new technology that goes in my screwdriver and I do not feel that I should be limited in design because it wasn't ever seen in Dr Who. As you can see I will implement any technology I see in science fiction to science fact. He who controls the SPICE, controls the universe.

So back to reality, I need to have a convenient way to switch personality of the tool for each type of interface from RF, serial RS232, EMF, hall effect, gravity waves, neutrino, JTAG and so on ..... It also requires a configured mechanical interface and that would have to be like the little robots in STTNG called exo-comps in The Quality of Life episode. They generated a tool that matched the task they had to perform. That might be a tough one, though I suppose I will have to do that eventually as the spatial, temporal, and energy level interface is part of the whole solution. I could replicate from data, but there is the issue of available mass. I will solve that another day.

I was playing with this and so decided to add it. It is a PIC and it has PWM, I2C A/D and is serial programmable. It would be interesting if it generated I2C and programmed in I2C, or if it could come with a program that programmed more of them. Hmmm... something creeps on the darkness. Anyway, the Digital Millennium Act does not allow me to have independent thought without being executed, but that is only in a free country. Yes, execution is completely free to the victim, which I find very charitable. Other countries may charge, but I have the great honor to live in a country that does not rob you before they kill you for knowing too much and sharing it. Honestly I have no idea how all this sheisa works, I just like to put up pretty pictures on the wall of the Internet. I am serious, there is no way that well, uhm, uh, oops, I can't say that so don't figure it out yourself unless you live on the moon.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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