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As time goes by it gets easier to implement technology and all of this research and study is starting to pay off. This python script allows me to CAD a bolt in blender with a single click. I have other utilities and interfaces to my PAN ( Personal Area Network ) that allow the conversion and implementation in matter. I suppose it is much like a replicator in many aspects, though I am wondering if it really should have a voice interface as I personally feel that the construction of physical devices should have a few more safeguards against unexpected consequence. If the interface has a limited set of scripts then something like "make an infinite number of bolts" would not consume the universe by accident. In my opinion it is a real problem with how technology is advancing to ease of use, and as a side effect, ease of abuse. I have modified my email to stop ease of use problems and it is more difficult to use, but I don't have to suffer the abuse that comes with the protocol.

bl_addon_info = { 'name': 'Add Mesh: Bolt', 'author': 'Aaron Keith', 'version': '3.01', 'blender': (2, 5, 3), 'location': 'View3D > Tools ', 'url': '', 'category': 'Add Mesh'}


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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