The skin of time

Some experimentation by Einstein, Maxwell, Tesla, and some ideas of Hawking have combined with some questions that I have resolved and predictability as well as causality takes on a new face. I am certain that people should not allow their mood to be influenced by the prevailing common opinion of science. It has been considered ultimately mechanical and predictable in a way that we can understand. I must agree there is firm connection between cause and effect, but the path it takes can be convoluted to such a degree that it reflects on infinity and this creates an uncertainty that fails to conform to a simple model of causality. It can appear to have any number of predictable nodes as well as some which defy prediction by their traverse of infinity.

The LHC has built a ring to analyze particle collisions on the Earth and it would seem that a race that existed in space would have a distinct advantage in devices like this. Since any form that is manufactured is immediately vacuum and materials need not be cooled to super conducting temperatures it certainly cuts the cost of design as well as the interference from gravity, radio, magnetic, and many other effects that only exist on the surface of a planet. It would certainly be an expensive effort for humans to create such a device, but somebody who was already there could fabricate such a thing with ease. The stars do function somewhat like a heated cathode vacuum tube and in some ways that existing structure does allow for some utility.

It is most certainly the way that the mind works that determines how well we can deal with the complexity of the universe. It seems to me that the greatest utility comes from new methods of thought. I can't imagine how I would teach a thought method, but I am sure that it could be done. In communication of information without common code, it is more difficult to convey these types of relationships as it may require a common architecture of thought in the same way as porting code between RISC and CISC. I couldn't expect an ant to grasp a concept beyond a certain complexity and by their very nature it could never over-ride their primal code and so would be a temporary at best. That is true for me as well. Some concepts are too large to be contained for any length of time and if I do not reach a conclusion that simplifies the relationships, it decays to nothingness.

Such are the glimpses of universal complexity. If I were asked to explain after the fact, it would be impossible. The path to the conclusion is lost in its complexity in the same way that the reflection of infinity shades the skin of time. In places, time flows backward , if it could be seen, but of course it cannot, it is a river that cannot be crossed without a change in the mariner's eyes.

So, this is all about the deep transparency of the skin of time.

I wonder if it makes any sense to teach by rote as it almost seems like just filling a biological chip with data that decays and is imperfectly stored, only to be retrieved and never advanced. Certainly a computer chip works much better for storage and retrieval. I think education has slipped a cog because reality has passed it by and it now serves as well as a monastery that transcribes text and creates copies with a feathered pen. I certainly have to wonder what comes of those that act as vessels of memory in the age of information. I do think that public education has failed because it cannot succeed with its design goals. I don't know who is more silly, the one that expects an impossible but desirable outcome or those that accept the training to be something which no longer functions in the framework for which the education was designed.

It is a long climb up the mountains of data to stare at the abyss beyond the edge of understanding but I have reached that point where the second continent can be seen clearly. Now that I know there is another universe on the other side of time it is simply a matter of making a clay puppet of its character to display for guests.

The future only exists in free space, but it is the motive and not the means that inhibits progress.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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