Advantages of space enumeration

Space is mostly vacuum, which is in some ways an advantage. There is heat and radiation as well as a lack of many things that interfere or distort process. Outside gravity the shape of objects are not deformed. There is not a continually varying complex of bacteria, viruses and other organisms that are evolving to seek biological dominance. It isn't a place where common life thrives, but as a design and operational environment there are places that serve as great havens for complex evolution outside the common Earth biological form.

To be continued ....

So it is obvious that life would take a different path in space between the stars and would not form in the same way as it would in a gravity well. Matter is isolated and limited by its collection. It is the island effect. I have a reasonable hypothesis of how life might be structured in interstellar space. It would function so differently that it would be invisible to us. Our form is reasonably well suited to dealing with a gravity near a star, but that is such a rare environment in the scale of the universe. It is natural to be egocentric in interpretation, but to go so far as to imagine that people are somehow gods is a wild stretch of delusion.

I have devised a form which I could create that would live well and operate as life in free space and so I could generate that life, but first I must determine if it already exists and can be communicated with. Communication is not as difficult as the physical layer translation. An "organism" that existed in space would not be cognizant of radiation in my opinion and would be oblivious to everything we see as the whole and entire spectrum of energy. It is our rather limited perspective derived from the inability to solve the universal equation that isolates perspective.

The physical level of operation that I suspect, would likely laugh at humans and find them an interesting distraction that might be observed, but communication would be impossible unless the larger perspective was recognized and engaged. I would hardly expect an ant to respond to a knock knock, nor do I believe that a whale could develop such a conversation. It is the unique ability of people to throw together a group of symbolic associations and resolve the physical situation that creates our position. The concept or ability of complex communication is absent as it is not applicable to survival. It is a detriment in many ways.

If an ant picked up little clumps of dirt and arranged them in the structure of a DNA molecule, I would be inclined to believe that something more was going on than I had assumed.

In that same way, it requires that each be cognizant of the others framework and able to translate up and down through the physical layers.

I can make shit up as well as anybody and I could say that I have heard the great wisdom of the cosmic oracle and all hallowed are the ORI, but I suspect the situation is very different than our limited perspective could completely comprehend or embrace.

I have a design idea for a physical layer transport that might bridge the gap and the best I can do is knock and see if the door opens. If there is a something scary on the other side, well that is always the problem. life is not without risk of not life. Or more simply, A can proceed to B.

They have the upper hand as they have a place to run if push comes to shove and we are bound to this rock and that is why any space based life would find us comical and ineffectual like Wily Coyote flattened against the entrance to a painted on tunnel..


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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