The seventh up-left handed infinity

I have been doing some chemistry, biology, genetics, and nano-technology / micro-technology as the case may be. It is astounding that in a single cubic centimeter, that there are 1021 cubic nanometers, which is perhaps the scope of the known universe of stars. I supposedly could implement a positional model of the entire universe in a sugar cube sized structure. As the amount of data increases, it becomes ever so obvious that one cannot deal with matter or anything at all without something that functions at a speed and scale that would allow some understanding and control of the process. I could hide the complete NMR neural structure of a person in a crystal. It reminds me of an original Star Trek episode where people on the Enterprise were converted to little cubes and some were smashed or restored. At the time I thought that was so silly and impossible that it detracted from the poor acting and cheap sets.

Now it seems that something like that could be achieved. It then occurred to me that as a consequence, some even more unusual things could be possible and by extension I realized that there is an explanation of some galactic level effects which could be explained as products of an advanced technology that goes a bit beyond what is humanly possible at present, but is in the realm of scientific capability. To preclude the fact that there may be intelligence at work on grand scales in the universe is premature. The problem is that there may be no common ground of communication. How exactly could I go about establishing a dialog with one of the Germanium atoms in the structure of one of my semiconductors. As technology advances there are new things that can be done and new forms of matter are created at particle colliders as well as from natural process. There is no indication that anyone can manufacture strange matter in some form that is stable and usable, but of course it is possible that some new state of matter could be stable and usable with properties that are beyond our current understanding of even the atomic structure of the universe.

With the understanding I have of the universe, it is possible, though beyond my technology at the moment, to create an entity that exists out of phase with the universe and is alive, sentient and indifferent to the effects that would kill any other living thing. There are some very strange things that are definitely within the realm of technology which could be implemented and to say that a person who is my physically manufactured data ghost wanders about space is with out any doubt "spooky", literally. I hesitate to explain what prompted this line of reasoning, because if you think that odd, what I suspect is too strange for me to even contemplate at the moment.

To extend the line of reasoning and offer something which also occurred to me: If it were possible for me to construct a functioning entity or AI and strange matter which was associated with a person at birth, would I be considered to be a god that instills an immortal component to biological life? I am not entirely certain that what is understood of prehistoric technology is what really took place. In the span of 100 years we have gone from horses to spacecraft and the Egyptian Dynasty lasted thousands of years. There remains little to indicate the early technology of the 20th century in artifact and consider what would be available in a thousand years to identify the origins of genetic and nano-technology. It would be a tough search through garbage dumps to find a usable 10 nanometer CPU. I wonder if the surface rhetoric of living gods in Egyptian times was perhaps more than rhetoric. When first encountered by primitive races, the idea that their image and voice can be captured and replayed forever in a video camera is disconcerting. If I were to capture the molecular structure of a person and replay that in biological matter as a demonstration to you, would you feel that I had captured your soul and put it in a box?

Whether it happened and was implemented by such as Imhotep, it still remains that it may now be implemented in our time frame. In fact it is considered inevitable that AI life will be created as a symbiosis to biological life. I am sure that Kurzweil would say it is inevitable and natural. I suppose it could be considered supernatural, but then that is just the label for things that haven't yet hit the shelves at the grocery store.

I suspect the technology that may have existed in the time of Pharaohs is beyond our comprehension or non-existent. However it turns out, I know for certain that it isn't far off from where technology stands today.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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