Eyes of darkness

The effective use of information or energy would be to have a system which collected all information at its boundary. I am still wondering about a dark planet and it does seem to me that an eye that captured all light of all spectra would be the all seeing eye. I would suggest that there is a way to create such a thing using matter configured properly. It is certainly well beyond the technology which exists on this planet and will be for thousands of years. People retain symbols when the scientific concepts have long since changed. It does seem that the puzzle is incomplete and that there is a very large missing part to the origin and aspects of life here on this rock. As integrated circuit become smaller and biotechnology advances, it would seem that if technology were to complete its path to miniaturization, the very size of it would preclude its recovery in an archaeological sense due to the fact that it was assumed that what you see is what you get. WYSIWYG. However, the eye that sees nothing will never see reason.

I have a strong theory where it is hidden based upon the type of technology and its application. It would not be unusual for the ancient Egyptians or their predecessors to have developed gravity technology, inertial canceling, neutrinos or even a new gravity device I am about to test. It is only a fairy tale until somebody creates the tech and demonstrates how it works. I look at many different things and what I see is different than what others see, of course.

The markings on the chips tell you very little without reference and some means to make sense of it. I see a 2SA202 and that is as good as "Hello Imhotep" to the uninformed, but I would bet that there is more germanium in there than one would need.

Crystals of high purity germanium are used in detectors for gamma spectroscopy and the search for dark matter.

There are many places that a person can look and still see nothing. It is not the eye that is blind, it is the mind. It would seem that Madagascar, mining silver, speech and floods would have nothing to do with this, but I think otherwise. Deep complex patterns may soon resolve. It is always nice to find the missing Ch'ap'ai at a garage sale. Of course you would have to know what it was.The future is on course to be very interesting IMHO. As always, I am speaking to you through the sands [SiO2] , electrons , and time of light [c].

Galena, cat whisker, copper, salt. lightning. The universe is always present and it only takes a mind to see how it all works. Plasma in a microwave is really interesting. For some reason, I always find it odd that I can go to the store and buy a cavity magnetron.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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