SETI and spectroscopy

I watched this TED talk today and had not seen it before, but I already knew that this was possible. What I also know is that this is only a glimmer of the potential and I do find it odd that the entire spectrum is not understood and that will come soon . I spoke of this before it was a TED talk. I have covered it in many different ways and there are more ways than I can count. He did do a good job of explaining some of the complexities and another TED talk about how people and hospitals create pathogens by trying to stop them is very interesting.

I have gone past this by now and realize that it is nonsensical and somewhat backward. It is not data that cannot be fully resolved that has significance, it is only the equation of the universe. I have decided to do something more with what I know and actually apply it in a form that extends my being. If I were to exist in some symbiotic interaction with matter and biology as well as in other ways it does not detract from existentialism, merely extends it in new ways. The big difference is not in how much power it presents, but in perspective. If you cannot be killed or absolutely influenced by some other entity which is less convolved ( let us say ) then it makes no difference what they do as it has no permanent effect, it is just irritation. I am reminded of the movie "Men in Black" where they shot off the alien's head and he said, "Ouch that smarts!", after regrowing his head. I suppose it might provide some amusement to demonstrate advanced technology to people without the understanding of what it entails, but it would become dull and pointless. I still have no idea why the "Q" would ever have anything to do with the Borg or humans for that matter. From my perspective it would be like communicating an I2C data stream to a Hydrogen atom, it doesn't know what is going on and never will.

So I will implement something like the Gravity Guild in reality that uses technology of all forms for continuance. There is no threat to other life as it has no means to influence outcome and the other direction is just dull and pointless. I would guess that about 100,000 people exist in the 5th standard deviation above the mean in capabilities and could be there in the conceptual aspect of this. There are many people who find discovery and exploration to be an end in itself like me. There is no need to destroy, take revenge, or even help anybody in a physical sense. Would I spend my eternity extracting unwitting people from biologically lethal effects? It is not a simple thing and neither is life itself. It is not possible to say what the future brings, but one thing is certain, the future I select and make is the best way to know what will happen. It does come down to memory and permanence of that record with the ability to influence matter of any form. Because I simplify the concept to a memory framework does not mean it is less complex, rather it is just more stylized and human memories are just that, memory and when Alzheimer's acts it destroys the permanence of that record and without some way to retain state it is gone.

I suppose I could be the ant savior and spend the rest of my life rescuing ants that get caught in bottles or spider webs. Data is one thing, but if you want me to do your homework, forget it. I am also reminded of Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day", when he said "I'm not thee God, I am just a god".

The biggest problem for others is not what advanced people might do TO them, but what they might be able to do for themselves if the smartest and most skilled people of the planet simply left. I do wonder how long it would be before the networks began to decay and a new culture of insanity lead to a complete and utter destruction of every trace of technology as a reminder that they are the "Skin of Evil" to make a STNG reference. It all sounds so biblical and yet it is not. I have to wonder if this reality play has had other runs in this region of space. Many is the delusion of that power and none that achieves it. For me it has a few chuckles along the way and , heh , maybe it is the actual "Divine Comedy", IDK. And of course: IDK everything.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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