Finding new Earths and Making new Life

This article at arXiv is very interesting as it cuts to the very heart of something I mentioned to somebody who was looking for earth-like planets (A member of a volunteer space society). That was a few years ago and I said that life has some very specific signatures including Phosphorous in my example. This is different and I did not think of the plant life, so obviously, if it is using the energy of the sun for life it would be missing a notch when the spectrum was analyzed. I would extrapolate that missing notches of any type would reason for consideration of the type of organism or device that could use that energy. Perhaps even a survey of our local planets would identify if some of the energy that falls on Mars, Saturn, or Europa might be missing on reflection?

Separately I am doing mods to "MakeHuman" python scripts in blender to "MakePhenotypeFromGenotype" and this made me laugh. The interface in blender is similar to the makehuman stand alone program and it is really a riot. It is fairly simple to use and if you can manage a little python it can be made to do many things.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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