Seeing eye mice

I was doing some investigation of hardware and discovered that optical mice have an image sensor in them. I really am out of touch on the stage of technology. I am certainly going to use those for some control applications. I am seeing a device that actually walks about on surfaces or even spatial recog. These chips are so cheap and low power. I am looking into re-programmable keyboard chips also. I am thinking of a matrix transform with optical in as "buttons" on a distributed serial matrix. It types by seeing. This way my nanomachines can talk to the micro machines and they can position themselves to be a key press to the PC. It allows 18x18 keys which is 384 324 different symbols based on the configuration , but I think I would just do 16x16 with others as registration and control. It also allows the communication in the other direction by positioning machines, and it also serves to look at micro machines to see if they are functioning properly and responding to positioning commands.

I can also use this as a communication device to the mitochondrial SDK. When placed on the skin it can communicate without breaking the skin barrier, which is always a problem with any surgical method. It also allows the communication of internal chemical sensors to indicate any unusual changes in body biochemistry that might indicate an infection or system out of tolerance. It can also measure nerve impulses and provide a brain computer conscious interface which I am assuming I could train as well as my crappy typing. I suppose it could create one of those unusual sights that happen with people who have bluetooth in their ear. If I were typing in space and talking to the air it might get me arrested as a warlock.

An optical mouse might use an image sensor having an 18 x 18 pixel array of monochromatic pixels

Borowitz is pretty funny and I was taken aback by the picture for obvious reasons.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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