Proof of concept universe

This isn't something I was looking for, but I have a proof of my understanding of the universe. In the same way that Einstein was able to cast an experiment that was counterintuitive and that represented his ideas, I have developed a test that will convince anybody with a decent level of understanding of the physics of the universe.

This one is a real laugh. I was ROFLMAO when I realized it. I still have to -math- a bit, but it should reveal some more things that might provide me with some comic relief. I am one step closer to a transverse relativity drive, but no gold there yet.

This wasn't as funny as it seemed at first after doing the math. It is more complex and actually several effects are inter-twined. I am afraid there is no simple answer to be had in all this, it really is too complex to be understood easily by everyone. It seems simple to me, but I think that 4 billion gate ICs are simple so not everybody on the planet can do IC design and computer programming so they don't really ever know what is actually going on. On top of that, I don't claim to know what is really going on either in any absolute sense. I just deal with what I know and guess at the rest. I did learn something new, but it isn't really the magic bullet that it seemed at first.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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