Arm based P2P neutrino phone

The implementation of a P2P network would have a devastating impact on the world. It would obsolete trillions of dollars of technology and revenue streams. In the current military-economic model of government it operates with ever increasing centralization and depends on that technology. If somebody makes an end run about that situation, the fall will be monumental.

I am sure that every government in the world would immediately pass a law that it was an instrument of terrorism and possession of the schematics or device would garner a death sentence. Why is that? It is because the system operates on mechanical domination and is very obvious in some countries and less obvious where people have a delusion of freedom.

If there were a design already on the Internet somewhere, how much effort would they exert in attempts to unwrite the future?

It is certainly only one of an infinite possible holes in reality and the governments don't have infinite fingers to maintain their power dike. What would the oil countries do if Thorium technology became possible and replaced oil? Would they get together and hold the world hostage until they dropped any attempts to implement it? It seems a fools game, but look who is playing it.

Ooh, Netwalk!

She sees red

Wife: "Arnold, I just got a letter from the DOT and it is a picture from the red light camera in the red light district and it seems you are driving a red convertible and with a redheaded hooker when you ran a red light!"
Arnold: "Boy, my face is red, at least my name isn't Weiner."

So the phone itself does not have to use any proprietary technology or anything which isn't readily available. The problem with radio waves is that you jerk around every atom in the universe and expect privacy and that is ridiculous. The problem with wired or optic is that it must be laid and supported and limits bandwidth. A P2P network that expresses as much power as it consumes, has no loss to consider and has virtually unlimited bandwidth. The only real problem with establishing a secure ad hoc network is that sender and receiver must use the same meaning for changes in information states. IBM and many others decided on ASCII and EBCDIC because it matched their rather compulsive personality. It really makes no difference what is used as long as both ends agree on what each change of state means. Another advantage of neutrino based computing is that it can't be easily subjected to MIM attacks as it would often go right through the earth.

It could be that in some years from now people will laugh at the silly people who produced huge electromagnetic fields and considered themselves the crown of creation and the Internet the jewel in that crown. Routing cost and pinch points is another problem with the Internet. If everybody in the world wants to know what motey is saying and motey wants to know what everybody else thinks of that, something will go wrong and it will just fail. Multiple simultaneous connections do not have a routing penalty or a band limit. That problem is seen all the time at trade shows where everybody wants bandwidth and then nobody has it. It also provides some anonymity though it could also provide certainty of identity within the limits that people are different and considering the fact that people are often deceptive anyway.

The largest portion of the technology is the presentation layer and that is well handled. Existing devices have all the bells and whistles. What they lack is a way to move information without charge ( unintended joke ). I know of several transport layers that can operate better than existing methods, but actually neutrino is by far the best match and it does scale to interplanetary levels as well as intersolar. I suppose there would be blind spots behind a black hole, but I suppose I would just have to DX somebody to the side who would repeat.

The technology itself isn't total rocket surgery, but the transceiver is a work of art and that is the difficult part. I can grab FPGAs anywhere as well as interfaces. Digital broadcast chips would work if I really wanted to base it on MPEG, but compression can come later, if it is ever necessary. A lot of thrashing is involved in compression and decompression and if the medium has no great associated energy or economic cost then that energy is better spent just sending more data.

I suppose I will have to devise a method to deliver engineering for the transceiver as I have no interest whatsoever in spending my valuable time selling sheisa to people. It isn't an act of creating economic empire and free exchange of information certainly should be free. It does seems that massive amounts of energy is expended to subject people to filtering. WTF, people can just as well do any kind of crap without putting it up on Farcebeak before they do it. I am sure that every jewel heist is preceded by the gang members liking each other and putting messages on their friend wall as to the time and place of the robbery. Okay, so some people are that dense.

Of course all of this is delusional as there is no such thing as FPGAs and even if there were such a thing, how would I put an ARM in an FPGA? I suppose it will cause havoc if implemented, but if I recall correctly, TV was supposed to rot everybody's mind, okay, maybe it did.

I suppose the same communication protocol the Gravity Guild uses is as good as any. One is NAK, two is ACK, three is "k thx gbye" and everything else is NxN arrays if even and NxNxN 3D arrays if odd. You can send 2D slices or 3D slices. It is easier to send an image and get recognition.

If agreement is made it can be parallel in 2D simultaneous as independent streams or a 2D slice which would be a movie. If both ends know the equation of the universe it isn't all that difficult to communicate even complex concepts without a common language.

Establishment is based on something like ATM except it is knock-knock protocol. The speed is ramped up if necessary by repeated knock-knock until there is a knock. This is also yes and so it dovetails there. The time of flight is considered as it can in some odd circumstances be the same point on a larger sphere, but time of flight isolates the communication. This also deals with the extremely rare MIM or man beyond issue. It then isolates the source and destination in 3 space within some small number of nanometers depending on the quality of design.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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