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I have decided that the knock knock protocol is going to be my favorite communication method after some analysis of other communication protocols. The same kind of problems with certainty exist as the data becomes more complex and is subject to interference or spoofing, but to a lesser degree. Since the foundational elements are a single pulse and a double pulse with space between equal to the pulse width, it is possible with minimal effort to determine and negotiate baud rate between widely varying device speeds as well as physical medium. In a distributed system of effectors it requires the smallest amount of circuitry and logic to implement. As I said before, 2D data is just a longer bit string and if it is even it is 2D and if it is odd then it is a 3D matrix, with the additional requirement that it be bracketed with signal which means that 2 bits are lost to the protocol to remove some potential confusion.

Though I am very certain that the universe has adopted EBCDIC as the universal language, I will be a rogue and define my own.

It does make sense to me to be able to have a method of exchange that requires no idiosyncrasies of comparative biology like speech or baseless symbols that are virtually guaranteed to be culture specific. The spatial relationship of matter is necessary to negotiate the universe and though recognition methods might vary, a minimally complex entity must at least be able to handle one dimensional temporal information.

Since it is possible to initiate the protocol in any manner it would seem to me that an intelligent culture would have devised this. Two stones spaced. A matrix, and a partitioned block. Association of information is then easy as an image and a symbol can be presented together and then a set of symbols to represent concepts. Certainly this is language without all the pedantic frills.

It has a certain coherence that I enjoy and I am implementing it on my PAN as the root protocol which is used to communicate to protocol translators like JTAG, I2C, RS232, et alia.

It allows the implementation of various levels of pseudo intelligence in the distributed machines and in the same way the baud is determined, the mode and complexity of interaction can be negotiated.

It has made me think about something else while considering this. The nature of communication is different than random noise as it has a space time coherence pairing. Demonstration would only have ordered pattern, but actual information transfer would have a different character that would alter the energy of space itself. I don't have an idea how to measure that at the moment, but it would give an estimate of the total scale of intelligent life in the entire universe. Knowing that space is cold because COBE says so is nice, but I can see colors, so I am not impressed. On top of that , who is going to go visit a cooled, burned out dwarf star to see if it is actually a diamond and report back so we can be certain. It is an interesting concept, but matter can take a large number of forms and crystalline forms is not my idea of complexity or utility, quite the contrary.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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