Atomic layer plasma fire semi-metal epitaxy on closed spherical vacuum systems

The technique I am investigating is a means to create semiconductor substrate material without a fab. It requires a cavity magnetron or equivalent, but that is not that difficult to implement and any lathe can create a lathe. The biggest problem in space is the advancement and maintenance of control that is viable in a vacuum and subject to EMP. In order for a Guild platform to be stable it must produce all its own needs from existing materials. The greatest part of this is the sophisticated control necessary to maintain gravity distortion fields.

It has many other applications and an orb once created can be used in PAN linked parallel dominance circuity. It has other unique properties that are too numerous to enumerate. The complexity must reach approximately 1040 to achieve an interstellar component and that is the design goal.

The manufacture outside the atmosphere and in null gravity is far simpler. A vacuum pump is obviously not necessary and material can be used that are superconducting at space shadow temperatures. The power system has already been designed and adequate energy is available in space to achieve near light matter speeds between Earth and planets. A 30 minute response latency to matter and 10 minutes to information is not too risky for complex centralized control. It is the interstellar latency that becomes a design problem for numerous reasons.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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