Move cautiously on the edge of the quantum dark

It would seem that simply considering the netlist of ARM and mobile applications as well as Qemu and analyzers and ICE, would have no effect whatsoever. The problem is that the mind is also a simulator and it has a tendency in my case to try and connect new things to other things. In a way, merely the consideration of using a simulator in new ways has started a simulator in my mind to emulate what might happen if A was connected to B. So I already have a temporal simulator running and it has started producing strange combinations that imply something very odd like a shadow machine that exists because other things exist, but has no physicality. In a way, my imagination is a shadow machine that can produce product that cannot exist, but does. Strange creatures creep about the twin shadows of the quantum dark.

qemu-system-arm -M ? Supported machines are: syborg Syborg (Symbian Virtual Platform) musicpal Marvell 88w8618 / MusicPal (ARM926EJ-S) mainstone Mainstone II (PXA27x) n800 Nokia N800 tablet aka. RX-34 (OMAP2420) n810 Nokia N810 tablet aka. RX-44 (OMAP2420) cheetah Palm Tungsten|E aka. Cheetah PDA (OMAP310) sx1 Siemens SX1 (OMAP310) V2 sx1-v1 Siemens SX1 (OMAP310) V1 tosa Tosa PDA (PXA255) akita Akita PDA (PXA270) spitz Spitz PDA (PXA270) borzoi Borzoi PDA (PXA270) terrier Terrier PDA (PXA270) connex Gumstix Connex (PXA255) verdex Gumstix Verdex (PXA270) lm3s811evb Stellaris LM3S811EVB lm3s6965evb Stellaris LM3S6965EVB realview-eb ARM RealView Emulation Baseboard (ARM926EJ-S) realview-eb-mpcore ARM RealView Emulation Baseboard (ARM11MPCore) realview-pb-a8 ARM RealView Platform Baseboard for Cortex-A8 realview-pbx-a9 ARM RealView Platform Baseboard Explore for Cortex-A9 versatilepb ARM Versatile/PB (ARM926EJ-S) versatileab ARM Versatile/AB (ARM926EJ-S) integratorcp ARM Integrator/CP (ARM926EJ-S) (default)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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