Logic analyzers and Linux

Sometimes I must wonder at my own sanity when I start doing something like this. I have an HP 1650A logic analyzer and it uses a 68000 CPU and can capture at 100MHZ. It has clock signals that I can run out at 100MHZ as well as capturing data. It is useful and I can capture I2C traffic or IR remote codes with a detector assembly as well as troubleshoot complex problems that operate in "real" time of nanoseconds.

What I plan to do is: install Linux on my HP box along with some network peripherals. There is a version available, but it is very old which is to be expected. The actual control CPU only runs at 20MHZ AFAIK and so it is a real creeper. The other hardware is 100MHZ solid. It has a scope interface and can do XY graphics as well as being a remote X-client if I do this right. I will post my progress on this sub project as it happens and add it to this post. It is part of a larger plan to integrate this with nanoassembly and some RF.

Technically I should be able to look at video and IF at 44MHZ with some gaming of the interface.

ARM CPUs is an interesting area. I don't know what I was doing, but a licensed netlist CPU was something I did not know existed. I have heard a lot of ARM talk, but just thought it was some RISC, but it is a different concept. Very interesting stuff. I personally don't see how Google can contribute to the Linux core when they have such a specialized application. It seems it would just create more confusion. I ran into an I2C based EEROM and that is something I can use to test how well my I2C stuff works.

So now I have gotten the ARM-SDK and I am installing QEMU and some other associated components. I see some interesting recursion here and I am wondering about running my analyzer "inside-out" connected to a matrix of LANCAM. So if I take a trace of a device and then switch R/W I can drive signals to induce action as opposed to measuring them. There is some SPICE and ICE in my future. I suppose this dovetails with RF and network packet information and the phone system. I have a premonition that something odd is going to come of this technology soup. It tastes like anti-time and smells like tomatoes.

When I was young, we had to wade through foot deep snow, up hill , just to emulate a single electron valve.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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