Holes in reality

This is having an odd effect on me. Perhaps it is the fact that this is the final piece that I needed to make what I want, IDK. If a wire runs from a power station to a city and it is bypassed with a superconducting connection, then is the missing energy free to the person who implements another connection? I can certainly connect at the power station and purchase or sell X amps and I can sell or buy X-a amps for the same price at a distant point. The losses would be invisible to the generator.

I am not implying some scheme to get free power, it is an analogy and the space between a weak design and a good design leaks usable energy and contains utility.

All wires currently used have some resistance (the development of high-temperature superconductors will probably change this some day).

There are now many holes in perceived reality and some are really useful. The business model of a static design is certainly a good thing for people who are lazy. I suppose it is ROI again. If the designer can keep new and better designs or media away from users then they can charge for doing nothing new except destroying creativity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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