Meta liquid quantum fish

I have a new 3D structure generator in test. It is a plastic in thermal stability on its phase change boundary. I use an external pressurized water enclosure and a magnetically driven "fish". The magnetic fields drive the fish through the material in a programmed pattern and the water pressure forces the liquid behind it. It is an inside out kind of assembly where the plastic is displaced and replaced with a liquid which contains a chemical to induce a chemical change in the plastic. In the end I have a 3 dimensional connected structure that guarantees the position of a nano machine within the confines of the containment. Specific nano devices can be delivered by various means to specific addresses to complete assembly or measurement. They could be directed by a series of turns that specifies an address, and perhaps a type of RFID like action could be used to make that address external to numerous devices and then the vector direction could be a 3 digit code that is recognized by a specific nanomachine.

Due to the physical limitations of mechanical enclosure, the machines cannot wander too far and are thus positioned precisely. It is an ongoing process and the structure is decomposed on one end as it is built on the other as no device is perfect in function for long. The limitation is the quality of production and the length of use.

Many things can be considered computational in their action, and it is necessary to make scale changes that can be facilitated by catalyst and substrate changes. The addition of circular catalytic function leads to "circuits" where A is catalyzed to B which catalyzes C to the original catalyst. The continuous decomposition and renewal then satisfies a cycle time. I suppose even a thermal neutron and suitable substrate organization is computational, but that would be an entropy nightmare.

By making the pathways torturous, it represses random advance.

I am considering polymerization as a method also. Perhaps even DNA , RNA or protein could be used as the bound state?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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