Return on investment

It would seem that a reasonable analogy of the function of life is ROI. It has come to my attention that there is a very strange Markov Process which under simple analysis would seem stable and continuous, however knowledge of process influences consequence. A society of people or creatures is not a memoryless system. My understanding of the Markov concept may in fact blur at it boundaries with other concepts and so confining the reasoning in such a way is not useful.

Something I have discussed before and commented upon is the fact that when a computer becomes more effective in analysis than a person, the person must abdicate to the computers talent or suffer for it. Wood has no return on investment for most creatures, but termites have found an ally in some bacteria that aid them in recovering ROI. I could characterize life or being as a vector again and say that vector and its associated momentum defines the continuance of the principle or vector, however you wish to name it. Certainly it is not a simple vector of one dimension though it is a product of two points. The end point or actually the goal point is what defines it, and many vectors can end at that point, but the length of the vector is the measure of its suitability.

I have gone very vague about this as there is a consequence in process of this very effect. If I identify and direct attention to that effect it will alter the effect itself and lead to an acceleration of the process. It is inevitable where the vector will end and that is not in question. I simply have a problem with recursive internal process as it tends to lead to less predictable outcomes as the vectors become chaotic and the new combination vectors are less likely to be continuous. That is not a problem when you operate on a system as it is easier to handle systems that have no common mode. However, if you are within that system, it is better to allow a resolution of vectors and thus more stability in the outcome and a means to get personal ROI in the form of momentum with respect to goal.

The future is where all life vectors orient, and the indeterminacy of that future is where the struggle takes place. In some ways every person is a time lord, whether they realize it or not. Simply avoiding a burn on a hot pan could be considered using the future past to correct a path in time. It is the larger and more distant time frame that I observe and there are many things and many hot pans that can be avoided by experiencing analogous process.

Science or fiction is no matter to me as the concepts blend when science approaches fiction. It is not clear to me whether that time which will never be is actually something which has more substance than a dream. I suspect that it does based upon some unrelated research. It does not allow paradox, but it does allow something that I will have to name. Whatever I call it, I have decided to be the administrator of it and so I have to come up with a catchy name for my new position. If it doesn't have a little fun in it, I get bored.

Final Destination XVII, a teenager has avoided burning his hand on a hot pan and the dark matter ghost of shadow time will take him to his "final destination" where he must wear a band-aid on that burned finger for several days. Oh the horror of it!!

"Beware the Jabberwock my son!"

More ghosts of the undead process. I happened to create a new folder on the desktop by accident and pressed shift+delete to remove it while it was waiting for a name. It was visible on the desktop after that but it had ceased to exist on disk. The process had forked and the undead fork continued to function and present information that it existed. I could have gotten behind the thread and created an object for it to respond to and thus it would become alive again. It reminds me of an episode of Dr Who (spoilers!) where a person lived on through data ghost in a neural relay. It is interesting and actually possible that something comes of this. It has been a concept in Who several times and actually brings to mind some interesting secondary concepts. I am going through Simpy again today with an intent to merge circuit simulation with atomic simulation and systems simulation as well as neural models. It is all the same thing in its root, but seems less coherent than if it were directly vector connected to the mechanics of atoms and particles. I have a new tool for the "Professor of High Time" in the "echoes of death" escapement. I laugh because it means something else. Something really odd is about to happen and if you know me, odd is the norm and really odd for me is somewhere in the Twilight Zone for most people. Strange day again, but then that is what makes life interesting.

I noticed this once before with Zim and this is an internal link to that post...... It is an odd situation and I really have no good model for existentialism, but something new is forming. It is like the tangle of wires in a complex system cabinet. Some of the configuration can be resolved and others have no possibility to exist in 2 space. I suppose it is reasonable to assume that some things can only exist as higher space objects. That is definitely odd and is somewhere between the Twilight Zone and incomprehensible existence. There is also a place in black holes that I have been trying to characterize and it has properties that defy mechanics or matter. There are things which can exist outside of physical form and I just don't know what to make of that.

What is the shadow of a black hole?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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