The Markov future

On any given day I may see numerous things that can be done and perhaps I implement them in python/soup/C/assembly and quite often I see that someone has done them already. There is something deeper and in the gross landscape of Markov chains that define the reactive matrix of people in a digital world, there are some thin places between dimensions that I often cross, and perhaps it is just how my mind works. I have a tendency to wander.

Sometimes there is something there. I consider it something like the search algorithm that is used by ants. It isn't efficient at all from the perspective of a person, but it solves the equation that they need.

The n-dimensional landscape of the future is sometimes like a cave and that is the analogy that I use in my programs to navigate. It does extend into n-dimensional state and in fact each chamber does connect to an infinite number of other chambers. It is not possible to explore such a space as it is the ultimate TSP. It does allow some techniques to be leveraged against it. I am not sure how ants or moles tunnel or how they make decisions that have gain, but I suspect that it is similar in a 3 or 4 dimensional way. I happened upon a thin wall in one of the caverns and on the other side was a vast and seemingly bottomless abyss. I would assume that there are many different places like this in logical n-space.

I discover these things and look at consequences. That is why I am being so vague. The knowledge of the possible futures can have very dramatic effects and all it takes is a recognition and relay of that information to initiate change. It is a dangerous game to play in the infinities without an infinite rope.

There are many reactions in chemicals which are precipitous and actually those tend to be the most useful. Life itself depends on that fact as well as others. I could trigger an effect that could just as easily happen of its own course, but then I would be responsible in some way for the consequence. I would guess that on most occasions it is better to leave the cheese in the mouse trap and have a donut instead.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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