GPS at sub nanometer scale

I would do some CAD for this but it should be obvious to an informed reader ( and I am under time constraints ) . A vacuum chamber is created with a metal which is welded with a 12v 4000A welder. It is initially formed with a magnetic orientation. The nano chamber is created by the difference in motion of the composite materials ( iron, gold, lead, mercury and ceramic ) used while in a controlled external field. It creates a chamber which is linked to insertion chambers that introduces the other components. Individual nano machines have a connection to + and a variable negative antenna which is the path of a thermionic cathode and positive target. The charges and detection level is achieved at a chemical level using a phosphorous compound which is optically pumped by UV laser. I have not completed this specific design, and the process should reveal the degree of accuracy in detection depending on the scale of components. Theoretically , at least, it could have sensitivity well below the scale of the atom and potentially could probe structure of materials at near absolute zero or investigate quantum effects. The cooling mechanism is a staged system that uses liquid Nitrogen, which is cheap and reduces molecular motion significantly and allows super conducting effects without any new materials for the moment.

The outer chamber is incorporated in a locating device which is accurate to 1 micron. It is integrated to the nano fabrication and hopefully will scale with some design changes for 6 axis construction and forming of various materials which would be self constructing. The distinct advantage is only realized at absolute zero and in some ways that can be induced without cooling the chamber itself to those temperatures. It does have the potential to perform gravitational analysis, but the design of that aspect for this instrument is TBD.

I am considering making a very slow electron storage ring. At least that is the intent, but these things I experiment with often change as they develop and become more complex or reveal new information.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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