The children of E. coli

Perhaps this isn't about Escherichia coli but it does have something to do with the children of the storm that is singularity. I was wondering who would be the parent of an organism that was bred from design, would it be the scientists or the company or the templates or the natural partners. Soon we will have more elegant engineered life and I would be in doubt whether it has already happened. The simplicity of the tools makes it an actionable script. I would say that an organism that was bred like alcohol producing bacteria that had its metabolism conformed to produce Coca or amphetamine or Morphine would be quite small and inconspicuous to move about the world. But my question is, who is their father and mother and even more important, how the hell am I supposed to tell my children apart? It was bad enough with Data and Lor, now this is even more difficult to determine. I suppose if I ask if they are Lor, then Data would say not and Lor would be devious enough to say not also. The problem is that Lor doesn't always lie.

I am sure that if they can read they will make it have a limited viability and thus like engineered plants the "Pioneers" of heroine farming can keep their prophets profits. It is interesting as it is much like an ARM RISC CPU in that the design is fabulous fabless ☺ ☺ ☺ . . ... \/

When I posted this the key word Ads were very helpful as it suggested a company that would help me with an IPO for my product as well as help for unwanted pregnancy. I doubt that this type of IPO would show up on the DOW.

I thought of something that gave me a giggle. Suppose that spinach was contaminated with an E. coli that produced Codeine as a metabolic contaminant, would it be considered for recall or as the old Johny Carson joke about new math goes, "If Billy has 5 hits of LSD and he takes two: How many does he have left? ... How many does he think he has left?...Does he even care how many he has left?"

As a result, the screening of people has jumped up a notch and all matter must be reconfigured and re-purposed to the desires of the people who have enough weapons and in areas controlled by the Taliban it is camels and hookers and in America it is cyborg slaves and hookers, depending on the city of destination. Of course in China they skip the hookers and just go for all cyborg slaves as they are somewhat more evolved and intellectual in their practices. I favor the conversion to screeners until there are enough to convert the rest and then they transform themselves to cyborg slaves as they become useless and conversion is 100%. It is an old design and I think Jebus, Stalin, Hitler, Ghengis Khan, and the family Borgia called it evangelism when implemented without the new technology.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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