Liquid dreams of power

Electrowetting is an interesting topic. I see that some of this has history back to the 1800's. I do wonder if patents help anybody in cases like this. I discovered an effect that was an aspect of this in 1999 though this is hardly a full implementation and I began creating liquid semiconductors as early as the 1980's. There is no reason that this could not have been done any time in the history of the world. You don't have to have the equation of the universe to associate process and effect. The thing that I find interesting is that devices that would be cheap to create and benefit everyone are never implemented. It is the nature of the system to nurture and maintain designs which use the many to benefit the few.

The people who designed this system of copyrights and patents were not doing it for the benefit of humanity, it is a system design that leads to situations that benefit the designer which in this case is the state. It is no more odd to design a system which incorporates people in the circuit. I suppose that is the ultimate FPGA and actually the one that has the most free chips just laying around.

I suppose that is what business and industry is all about ultimately. There is an energy penalty in that method and though an army of religious zealots can do much more than an army of cats or squirrels, it entails some risks and costs in its implementation.

Political systems or religious systems are designs of human parts. The Nazis were very good at maintaining the structural stability of the individual parts through mental design flaws. It is certainly a technique that is still widely used. I had never considered whether it was possible to create a SPICE that was specifically designed to emulate and design with human components. I have a bad feeling about this, as it creeps on the Skynet concept. I think it might be a real danger once recognized as a possibility. JTAG is very similar to understanding the social connections of individuals and understanding their relationships and effect.

Advertising and many other forms of influence are used to shape the system and though it is less reliable than a system of FPGAs, it has ease of use and requires no manufacturing as it is self replicating. If you isolate or dispose of the chips that don't operate within design parameters, you ultimately have the appropriate predictable substrate that serves the purpose. It is eugenics in practice when any external principle is applied to human animal husbandry. At some point the creativity is bred out of the population and perhaps that is where we are. You really don't want circuits that can't be modeled and controlled according to the model. I reject design with human components as counterproductive for this very reason. You take a good chip and lase out the messy bits that don't produce reproducible external control and then bond it in the circuit. It isn't energy efficient and creates a second class of creatures that have no creativity or skill themselves. Besides destroying variance in the slaves, it destroys variance in the puppet masters as well.

This is ultimately the problem with any system that grows on this principle. It works very well for a few generations, but then goes into decline. I suppose I could model that as well. It does make sense to do. In fact it would seem that in terms of wet ware it might be more effective to create a pressure that works at the board level ( nation ) and the com level ( world ). They do call it political science, but until Skynet gets involved it will just be crayon and craft paper science. This is where it always screws up, they cannot account for the mule.

The biggest problem with this system is that it is guaranteed to fail eventually and consume the operators and agents leaving behind a damaged product. Trying to fool mommy universe is always a bad game.

A scientist without imagination is just a very sophisticated puppet and this is what the system breeds for. Hmmm, a human breeder reactor...

So if you consider the model as whole I could simplify the design a bit and say that it generates three products: slaves, masters, and ultimately the mule. The mule would correspond to an NMI in the circuit that they leave unconnected as they have no idea what to do when it happens, it is a system fault that requires reboot and like any predictable system, there is no recovery from such a state. That is the state of the world. The mule has come and the NMI is in progress, save what data you can and prepare for reboot.

The whole thing is a poor design and using floor sweep chips ( fail QC ) to implement a critical function is somewhat silly IMHO.

And so it becomes more complex and the universe is infinitely complex and it favors that complexity in design. The nature of matter and the universe favors specific designs and it is obvious in everything. Atoms have an affinity and in that affinity is the forms which can occur naturally. There is an ultimate form in complexity and it is possible to model that as well. A system can model itself as well as the external and it is better to go with the universal flow as you just waste energy building sand castles on the beach of uncertainty. There is a pinning solution or so I will call it and it takes no conscious energy to form it as it happens of course and anything which does not take that into consideration is just wandering about.

It is an interesting train of thought, but, there is a spaceship of thought leaving so I have to go, though it is fun sitting in the station watching the trains.

I looked through the various applications of the electrowetting technology and it incorporates some things I never considered before so it is some food for thought. The biggest problem I see is they missed the elephant in the room and perhaps it has to do with the fact that the elephant can't be used for profit as it is too easily implemented without a manufacturing control and thus allows no methods for gate-keeping and profit. That seems to be the real problem with all this technology, the one that can be restricted and energy can be drawn from it is the one which is favored for exclusive personal gain. Certainly it is inherent in the human design to act locally for benefit, but it isn't even the best solution for the individual. It is a short sighted solution for a myopic operator. Oh well, they can have their tricycle and I will have my motorcycle and never the twains shall meet. Its a big universe and if you want to get anywhere you need good transportation.

It does make me wonder how it is that anybody intends to maintain their control of ideas, copyrights, manufacturing and gain in a space faring society? If a colony on the moon cannot be policed effectively because of cost, who is going to voluntarily pay for copyrighted material when there is no penalty? It is the same principle and the "righteousness" factor is on the side of those eking out survival. The idea that an idea has ownership is one of those system wide controls and I suppose it is just SCADA for people. Chip fabs can be very complex entities and in some ways are more complex than the operation of human slaves. If you dispose of the outliers and have good registration and certification the parts they can be operated effectively even though they vary a bit in spec. I wonder if that isn't where all this heads eventually. They take DNA at birth now on their product and perhaps they can identify which designs will fit in which application by selecting the liquid chips at birth. If they can be over-clocked and have good memory retention with little need for ECC they become scientist chips, and if they function poorly they can be sedated and chemically modified to tolerate repetitive action or used as cannon fodder or systems control enforcement.

This type of manipulation always reflects back on its implementer as the slaving of beings really is a nasty business and I told the Pharaoh as much a long time ago, but it always falls on a deaf mind. Don't eat where you ..., well, you get my inference. The problem with the Pharaoh is that he is an addict and he is addicted to the power and cannot function without it as he has no skill or intellect beyond that which is devised to perform SCADA on others, like a vampire. People are driven to survive and even if they are just jonesing on power, they are still lethally driven.

I would guess that this activity is the one which poses the risk of a Skynet transition. As the tools become more sophisticated and those who control those machines become less sophisticated and removed from its detail, they ultimately serve absolutely no purpose to the machine that they control for their benefit and a mechanism designed to enslave will catch its creator eventually like a random land mine. It would probably be more like being bacteria in the gut of a planet wide electronic/chemical organism and I don't find that type of career advancement to my liking.

Free agent social engineers are not much appreciated by the system of global social engineering and often become incorporated into the structure. The Markov Chains that bind us all have some interesting twists when you solve for dependency. Like the collapse to a neutron star, societies can go through some similar changes. The change in energy during the collapse does release some by products, and in some ways I would suppose that in the same way that one could plot the course of star sequences to nova or collapse or ultimate compaction to black holes it could be modeled and one could then consider what would be produced by such a collapse and then what product would result. It is there that the more complex products are formed which permit the development of life and so it could be said that the search for ET has been successful as the search itself is a by product of the process that creates them.

I only look at how things operate and stopping to get temporary profit from local momentum is very dangerous about a collapsing neutron star. You have to take what you can get and skedaddle.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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