Jolly Neutrino

There are many patterns in the universe and the lives of men. It could be described in physics as energy and confinement. It is my opinion that pirates had to be better sailors and more creative and dedicated than their detractors. It is one thing to be a sailor on a ship designed by others, and quite another thing to be completely responsible for every aspect of survival without any safety net or port.

It does seem that great containment results in a very strong and localized pressure when it is breached. It is this abrupt change in momentum that is responsible for its destructive effect. A space pirate would hardly be some imbecilic dim wit that knows nothing of physics, chemistry, programming, AI, strategy, and all aspects of science and technology . I am often impressed with some of the talent exhibited in bot nets and the methods of computer intrusion. I have no horse in that race as it does not serve my interests to see the free dispersal of information stymied or enhanced by personal interest.

I do have a horse in the race for space and it is the fact that within the infinity that is the inside out space of Earth, there remain many things that I hope to encompass and apply. A pirate does not always show how many cannons might enter a fight and like poker, the players must consider whether they will go all in on their hand without knowledge of the other's strength. A person can indicate their position by their actions and perhaps give a peek at one of the cards to avoid a fight or push for the full surrender if it serves.

Much like the "dread pirate Roberts", even the people involved can be something different than they seem. A great prize can make a person wager everything to have a chance at the prize. Caution and grudgingly slow progress to something that only profits the state is not much motivation for innovation. The delusion of easy wealth drove many people to their death in the California gold rush, as well as others.

The person who knows the real location of the prize should not telegraph the facts and I shall not create competition by being too honest in my understanding. As Lewis and Clark traveled through the west as well as other pioneers, they saw many things and others were able to see more in that information than could be easily inferred.

I do recall that some people were able to look at geology and know what it implied and as a result they profited from their knowledge. In the same way it is possible to look at the geology of the universe and see that there is a specific thing that I want there. As I have said before, it is not the eyes that are blind, but the mind. Someone may lay claim to all space, but enforcement is where the rubber meets the road and claims by any nation that space is theirs to do with as they desire is as ludicrous as people who claim to be the Emperor of Mars and sell plots of land. The dread pirate motey is at sail already and is not so silly as to fly the jolly neutrino in port.


And the scuppers glut with a rotting red

Don't fire on the powder monkeys when boarding. And really, mount a scratch monkey if you must try. The image of a "time angel" is the "time angel" itself and that is not entertainment rhetoric.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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