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I have been considering the nature of existence and have been studying the arguments of Leibniz and Newton as well as Einstein and others. I believe I have resolved the existential paradox. It is inherent in the complete model of the universe that certain philosophical facts become as measurable as any other relationship. Though metaphysical in form it still has properties which define it.

The real problem exists with telemat, which is a phrase I coined that describes a process of matter duplication in space. It does present existential and consciousness issues when a duplicate organism exists or even when an exact clone exists that is created in a biological manner. The exactitude of physical structure is not necessary for a solution, though it is the basis of legal identity. The nature of ownership and property as defined by states fails to encompass the real properties of the universe and is thus doomed to fail repeatedly, which is what is observed in history.

The improper conclusions and methods is the root cause of the problem with manufactured social entities. It is no different than a motor which is off balance and as it turns faster and faster it finally destroys itself from internal forces due to improper design. Political science is subject to the laws of the universe and the use of principles which do not exist in the universe are what causes the imbalance of form.

A principle devised from an impossible relationship might function in some form and be internally consistent, but must evaporate in the pressures of the real universe.

It is one of the problems that comes with technology and has been intractable for me for some time. I could make no assumption as to identity or existentialism and so I could not choose one path over another which existed in the exact form. It has been resolved and I see that without the knowledge of form and being, a person is destined to make the same mistake that is exemplified in societies. I suppose one could make more of it than is measurable and that is the conflict. It is complete and valid, and to say that it is something else or to act in a manner in conflict with the measurement and process of the universe is unreasonable and ineffective.

The goal was to resolve the "Ship of Theseus" issue of existentialism and I have done that. It does resolve that it is impossible to teleport or telemat the exact duplicate of a person in such a way that when the process is complete, both do exist. In fact, this process makes them both dead in the philosophical sense. It requires a certain new method to resolve the existential paradox and maintain the actual identity. I am sure that nobody would claim that they are a different person by the wearing of a wig, but in the detail it resolves to some fundamental principles of the universe and I am willing to say that there is such a thing as existence or being in a measurable and absolute form, however the way in which it is measured by state and common use is not valid. To put it more simply, the common and universally accepted impression of what is "being" is incorrect.

I suppose I could go into some great detail, but this is not an issue that lends itself to a one line equation. I could elucidate upon manifolds of n-dimensional vector phase space and never be complete. It is enough that I am certain in my conclusions. Inherent in the process was the need to understand what all the terms meant, including certainty itself. I suppose that certainty is itself a metaphysical form. Things do have identity above their physical existence and one could say that reason itself is immortal in its nature even though it has no physical form. I have always thought it very odd that many people accept a philosophical conjuring made in prehistory as valid. There are so many bad arguments there that it isn't worth my time to argue against that tattered rag.

I believe this provides a solid philosophical framework and I will extend and observe how coherent it is with respect to the universe as a whole. There is a point where measurable certainty exists. The complex conjugate [ If I am allowed to pervert the concept ] of many different "imaginaries" in many dimensions can be a real. I say that the complex conjugate of metaphysical is real. I am certainly taking some liberty and it is just an analogy as well as the fact that the complex conjugate is not a simple thing by itself if you wish to understand it completely within the context of e and pi. Given my predilection to metonymy I should probably be more precise, but then that would be in conflict with my being. So, the angels of Wholly dark have been exposed as a shadow puppets and their real form is yet to be discovered.

It does imply a very different approach to the future and people can travel to the stars on unbalanced tricycles , but I don't expect to see much of them after the first of the race.

In the same way that empirical knowledge of process allows a person to act like a time traveler and see the future, so does empirical knowledge of existentialism allow for something that gives meaning to the process. I suppose it is the ancient "Know Thyself", though the interpretation seems to be very broad. I suppose that any port in a storm is the rule which suffices for many when no concrete solution is to be had. I don't intend to be an evangelist for any new philosophy as I feel that a solution given without the skill to come to that conclusion is no better than ignorance of the facts. It cannot be applied properly as there is no framework for dealing with the ever changing universe and it is bound to be misapplied. There is no simple answer anymore than I can impress the equation of the universe upon your forehead and have it serve your interests. You can have the most powerful weapon in the universe and it will not serve if you can only point it at your foot.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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