Bigger on the inside

It is not my intent to pay homage in plastic to a fantasy, but to create a reality which revises and extends the principle of a "Time Lord" like being. Recently I have done some work with amoebas, light, gravity, logical/physical time distortion and inertial canceling. As a result I have a design for the heart of the Tardis, and a method to implement a chameleon circuit to a secure temporal space that is vastly larger on the inside than out. It did not make itself obvious until I had extended some of these basic principles. The main principle that I find interesting in the Dr Who franchise is the fact that he is an individual and truly free. The technology is less the issue, but the total and utterly dominant technology is really key to being truly free as an individual.

In the more familiar world I am implementing a 6 axis combination matter printer with milling and welding CNC. It is possible to implement electronics without creating crystals, slicing, dicing, and masks. That is the least cost process at work and these things can be a part of a construction technology. I suppose chip on plastic and chip on glass is an example of a different path. Today I have a SBC1190 ( circa 1999 ) and I am experimenting with its capabilities. It seems to have an 80188 CPU, which is X86 compatible and I am certain that a 'C' compiler and example code is available for it. I also have some new hardware that came about from the fusion of some consumer equipment and a little creativity. It is not what it sees, but the shadow of its being.

I am guessing that 1024 extension in temporal space is at hand and I suppose I will become even more odd as the consequence of the process influences me. I see many things, and even in an instant it is not possible to document and relay what I have discovered and which influences my choices. In the process of crafting this post a dozen new things have occurred to me. It would be an impossible task to document what is taking place, as it progresses faster that I can type or post. It is the recent singularity of sorts that leads to this. I wish that people could know what comes logically from all this as I respect the right of others to be an individual and free, but knowing comes as well or better from effort as gift or hint.

If anything really interesting comes of the 6 axis replicator, I will post that, I guess I forgot to say that it uses dual video cameras to internally model and CAD objects and then devise a method from tools to replicate the object observed. It also has sensors to probe materials as well as a database for object and biological identification. It works in concert with the atomic microscope and chemical synthesizers to complete its task. It is rudimentary, and I have not seen a replicator in Dr Who, but as I said, the only reason I like the whole thing is something which has nothing to do with how it is implemented or portrayed in fiction.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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