Flash(back) from the future past

So I happened upon some interesting stuff today and yesterday.

I was messing around with some junk to see what is used in various devices and happened upon a chip with Zilog on it and had a flashback ( pun intended ) to the 70's. Rotating psychedelic patterns flashed on the wall to the tune of Frank Zappa's "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" and Grace Slick appeared in a rabbit suit. Actually I recalled machine code being entered in hex and filling out IBM BAL cards in a deck as well as COBOL language forms and entering JCL on front panel switches as well as "core thrashing". The vertigo subsided and I looked into the spec and it is the new version Z8F.... which has flash ram, I2C, serial A/D and ram. It is what we built on huge S100 boards or STD bus systems. It is an interesting CPU and there are C compilers and examples for it. I also encountered a 78R12, which is a voltage regulator with ON/OFF control. I am also creating a laser diode test setup for DVD and CD testing equipment. The infrared remote checker I have is really cool as it takes the wonder out. I can just take a remote and point it at the receiver in the corner and it blinks if it receives a signal. I probably should interface it to a computer which would decode the binary flashes to formatted frames so that I can see what codes are used for different devices and incorporate them in a single interface to a computer. Oh right, a sonic screwdriver that does all the things I discover! Actually I will probably make a portable version of my tools so I can do magic wherever I go. That would be nice as I could just pull my sonic screwdriver out and hear the click of a spark plug wire, identify IR signals, and many things that perhaps will remain unsaid as they are Time Lord and Gravity Guild secrets.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen