Mind of amoeba

It is obvious that one of the first things that nature implemented is the ability to travel in time in some logical fashion. The memory of events is the past and the projection of the causality into the future is travel in the other direction. It varies with the complexity and structure of the organism as well as circumstances. Another thing that I suspect is inherent in early designs is the ability to detect probability waves. It is not something that I have seen any experimentation on, but I am obviously not omniscient. It does have advantage and certainly the ability to foretell the future is a great advantage in the constant struggle of life to crawl out of chaos. I am working on an instrument to test this effect now and perhaps I will discover something in the process.

What is very interesting is that temporal cognition is fairly obvious in the animation of an amoeba and it must then be implemented at the chemical level.

I see some discussion of information and holographic black holes, but I have said before that the event horizon is often a dual or even triple boundary and that the surface horizon of a black hole must inherently reflect the entire universe and as such influences matter in and out.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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