Complement universe

The electron got a complement from the proton, but all have desire for the Gravity Guild. It does seem that there is a model of matter in electronics which can be generalized if all the forces and relationships are considered. Certainly chemical bonding is an electrical effect, what else would it be considered? It is the voltage desire between molecules that is satisfied in completion. In specific implementation, electronic logic has a broader analogy in matter itself. In preparation for the Stanford AI course I am considering what will get me an A++ in the course. If I implement a complete AI machine in self replicating biological and chemical logic that can get an A in the course, I would assume that its designer would get a better grade than his product.

There are many places when specific can become general. The common mode operation of the universe allows for only a certain number of possible outcomes.

It does seem odd to me that NASA has a problem determining if there is water in the little channels on Mars and yet scientists have deduced that there is a vast ocean about a star 12 billion years away. I would think that the inverse square law would allow the same type of analysis 10 minutes away. I will math now.
[2x1029 Distance δ2][6.022x1023GMW]=[1054]

I am guessing that somebody is just not creative enough.

[1.4x1018 metric tons][106gm/metric ton][140 Trillion Earths' Worth of Water]=2x1038 grams. And thus I say poo! I guess that they should know this easily by a factor a trillion, so what is the hangup guys? Need to waste time and keep interest until the kids are out of college? Of course then they will work for NASA and there will be a lifelong mission to discover if Cheetos can be manufactured on Jupiter's moon.

If only there were a way to talk to the Gravity Guild. I would guess that it is perfectly reasonable to assume that H2O of 1 kg or more is detectable from orbit. In other words, is there a Martian rat? They are just killing time.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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