Simulating the universe

Today I am testing Qucs and some Python circuit simulators that are SPICE like.

It is like learning a new text editor if you understand and simulate circuits in your head anyway. I like Qucs and it is useful. It integrates a simulator and I will see how that goes. It saves bench time testing something which I think will work, but human neural net simulation is very imprecise. I think it and the other programs make a nice extension to creative design and I should gain some advantage from this. An automated circuit assembly is the other end of this. Once the entire framework is complete I will be able to think of what I want, select it, test it and create it physically.

If the circuit has a serial connection to request a circuit extension, then I can make circuits that extend themselves and they can request new structure to support a method. I would assume that at some point in the integration it would be possible to use a voice interface to say "Make a signal generator." and it would create it. It is some sort of replicator and I assume that I will generalize it beyond circuits.

I suppose it is no different than a computer language and object modules, but this is assembly language. ( pun was certainly intended ).

It seems odd to me that Star Trek did not consider the real advantages of their technology. I know it was just a space opera, but I like the technology aspect. It would seem obvious that a connection between holodeck and replicator would be common place, that holodeck to medical instrumentation and prosthesis, and even simulating biological interaction at the molecular level. It did mention many things that could be implemented, but integration and advantage was lacking. If you can really replicate stuff, my quarters on a star ship would be continually evolving with the understanding of the universe and life. I think that technological reality is far more entertaining than the simulated passion plays that pass as viewable. Self delusion and pointless fantasy gives me no joy.

When chemistry biology and physics is added to the mix it becomes more fun. Linux Chemistry link.

NASA TV has an update on Mars in about a half hour from now ""Thu Aug 4 17:25:23 UTC 2011 ""date -u" ( at 1800 UTC) and I do find it odd that they still use PDT and local daylight savings time since UTC is the "real" single time. Here is the link. If they find one of my tools laying around there, I will finally know where I dropped that.

In other news, Stanford's CS221 course 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' will be offered online for free. It won't be till October, but I think I will see if I can beat the Stanford students. Join at this link.

Dear X,
Thank for for signing up at, you should receive an e-mail with more information once registration is available later this summer. We're excited at the opportunity to share this class with the world.
Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig

See you there.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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