The universe is love and hate and eternal love

I suppose it could be said that the attraction between unlike charges is the origin of all love and that the repulsion of like charges is hate. It could also be said that gravity is a love that transcends all difference and is a love of all things for all other things. In the molecular world that love can be very specific and it would seem that this basic characteristic of the nature of the universe is expressed in the life that is composed of these elements.

It can be no other basis and if you personify gravity then it might be called god, but then the bottom of a black hole might be considered heaven and if time stops there, it is eternal unchanging life, but is it life without change?

Qucs takes a bit of getting used to and drop downs are not so easy to detect, but once a person gets the hang of it, there are a lot of interesting things that can be done.

I do wonder at some things that I have read in ancient Egyptian text. It is certainly an analogy in some sense and the concept of Ra and other things are considered to be silly barbaric superstition originating from a misunderstanding of the universe, but that culture existed far longer than the time since the Roman empire. We are just beginning to understand the universe and I do get a sense that once it is all resolved, the relationships could be represented fairly simply in analogy, I don't agree that the relationship with Ra was one of worship. I think that this hero and divinity worship is something which arose later. I suspect that it is the strange light in the eyes of the observer that must cast all things in some unnecessary divine context.Would they have no ability to be skeptical? Perhaps I and others are confused by the way in which they are represented in cinema.

I suspect that somebody has misinterpreted their meaning in the representation of the universe. Did they have no sense of humor as that as invented by Nero? And who is to say that they would not be as flip, hysterical and fanciful as I. I would say that even Shakespeare had a way to craft his idiosyncrasy into his works.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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