Stick and stones, Roses and Rosa Rosaceae.

I watched an old movie on broadcast TV the other day and it is really comical to see people mouth words and be replaced with other words. The thought police are upon us and freedom is a lie. It is an expression of power over others in a way that has never been seen before except in art like 1984. If speech is a crime then each communication is fraught with danger and the slightest stumble can be met with the iron hand. What exactly is good about "good". Spiders and other creatures will sometimes kill or even eat their children and that is probably

illegal in many countries.

Is it "good" to replace nature with an artificial morality that is actually the will of the monarchs who imply their authority comes from a god that does not exist and if you dare doubt that you will be slaughtered like the Incas or Indians for heresy. It is plain and simple usery disguised as nazi, communist, saint, republic, church, democracy, or queen. A game that allows others to enslave for their own power. The good is defined by constant repetition and it changes each day as new revisions are made at the ministry of information. Government [redacted by the thought police] is the worst swear word IMHO. In the 1950's I remember police, soldiers and officials speaking of the godless commie faggots and apparently now all these have been redacted from vocabulary as swear words. Freedom is the right to bleep or bleep or even bleep. It really comes down to the fact that might makes right and it must be applied to be effective. It is simply its own crime. It is a crime that defines crime. It is very odd that almost everybody accepts circular reasoning, but that is perhaps just some unusual characteristic of the method of logic.

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We will never truly be free until we submit to the smiley face trademark of French law.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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