Better left undead?

While researching my interest in weather I happened upon the answer without coding. It is called forecastwatch which is far beyond what I could code in a reasonable time. So it is even easier than a single line script as it has been done already. Also I happened upon this about weather and Hidden Markov, which is pertinent. There is also pyRadar, which was built and abandoned, then reanimated recently as pyRadarV2, but I suppose that was done because they had no way to contribute to the established version. I think they broke looping, so I will download that and the original. I will fix it and post it somewhere. It shouldn't be too difficult as I have written it in my head a couple times already.

I examined the code while making this post and it is less than 500 lines of code and uses gtk and urllib. It has a csv file with it that is incomplete and some shell scripts that do nothing or almost nothing. It looks like a first try adventure. I am going to convert to wxPython and see if I can't clean up the net interface. Looks like about 3 hours of coding and testing all together and when I am happy, I will post the code complete on the blog.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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