Lesson 2, Its all about Time

It is true that knowledge is a time machine. The knowledge of the effect of an action allows it to be applied to the future. Life is about extending into the future in many ways. One can extend their ideas, flesh, and actions into the future. Dreams and schemes project from present to that which was not and could be. That is even more potent as it is the de novo creation.

I suppose this is somewhat philosophical and less technical than my norm, but the process and a knowledge of the process gives extension in time as well as creation. One can repeat what others do and get advantage from that action without any skill of projection or creation or modeling. There are many "script kiddies" in nature and quite often a principle is incorporated without the skill to recreate that skill.

The landscape of mind is very interesting as it steps into the world of the incorporeal. Some things can exist without constant physical form and place. An idea does certainly pass along without an associated physicality. The rudimentary analysis of these unusual things may have led to some very bad science. I should not say may, as it has certainly created some monstrously silly science. I would suggest that the science of religion or perhaps just an explanation and extension is one of those places where we still accept the poorly crafted concepts from thousands of years ago before any understanding could have yielded good results. It is a weak and disturbing science that crafts that which is vastly complex into simplistic rules that do more harm than good. It is like the "Air Earth Fire and Water" of philosophy. It is absurd and unusable.

The most irritating aspect is the divine paradox. By assigning divinity by projection and applying that to itself, it becomes a self proof outside the universe, which is a singularity. It does not extend, but ends. A miracle of stupidity that cripples existence in complete reflection upon itself.

I can certainly create that which does not exist or is impossible in projection or imagination and there are many more bad ideas than those already adopted and extended. I would suggest that it is a form of idle projection that once crafted is a game that was designed simply to amuse and occupy the time, and though it may extend for quite some time it is simply a burp of death itself.

I do understand the relationships of matter in the universe and it serves me well to know that which will become of that which is. It is never complete and though I could model the β of a transistor with spice or simulate the structure of a black hole or project the thermal neutron cross section of a nuclear reaction, it has more effect if I model more and more complex systems which extend into existentialism, time, and places that perhaps have never been explored as some ninny has said that his insight is the last and perfect truth of the universe. Sure, right, and I am the ghost of Mickey Mouse.

Poor/incorrect science or knowledge is a kin of death. "A foolish bee and his honey are soon parted." I don't think that perfect knowledge is a goal in itself or that some perfect goal can be identified. If that were so, we could just aim and shoot and all the work would be done. It is true that simply maintaining the principle without the origin can be more effective, but always that is a dead end. It might be a long end, but still dead forever.

By considering what is and where it may end I can use that knowledge to identify prior art in the universe and use it to my advantage. I would say that temporal extension in memory and effect is a certainly a cool idea, but something else is there and by consolidating all the data of the universe a pattern emerges which may help me on the way to infinity in time.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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