First lesson for Time Lords

The idea that knowledge of the future does not violate causality is an interesting topic. In some way, all of us violate causality constantly. When someone sees a rock thrown and projects its path, however imperfectly, he has seen and remembered the future by knowledge of the universe. By dodging the rock they change the future. So there it is again, nature designing with things it does not understand. A simple stimulus response deals with a condition which exists, but a projection in time is even better and it seems that time was designed into even the earliest of creatures brains. It is the dream of the future that gives advantage over reactive creatures.

It is odd that knowledge can violate causality and that a person can have continual knowledge of the future and use that. Just by knowing the seasons and the motion of the Earth we foresee that which is not. Knowledge has no temporal aspect and yet knowledge and memory is a physical thing. So the future can be determined and acted upon.

Perfect knowledge of causality and complete measurement ( which is impossible ) implies an extension into the future. By knowing mechanics and inventing devices before they become realized by others I can see into the future and again somewhat imperfectly, and yet it does serve to some extent like weather forecasts.

In the case of inanimate objects or objects without logic and memory, they cannot influence the process, but once foreknowledge of the events becomes part of the situation, it becomes continually convoluted by their actions in time. It becomes time within time as each battles to encompass the others foresight.

It would seem that in its strange singularity, knowledge can defeat determinacy. I have seen something similar in mechanics of materials and in some ways a molecule can remember and act. In the case of DNA, it is knowledge and function both and it projects the past into the future simply as a molecule.

One could say that a person's action is strictly causal, however it is recursed in thought and memory to such an extent that it would not be possible to predict, and thus is not mechanical, but in fact jumps time and reality itself to function in worlds that may or may not exist except that it is created.

By cognition and extension, something is created without substance and origin. Each prior action adds another multiplied infinity. There is one place where knowledge is deeply hidden and perhaps there is a stable determinant prior action which would step out and control the time that every living or operational thing controls. I would think that if there were a method which defied prediction ( which there is ), that it would allow moderation of time itself. Strangely, I would assume that time is nothing except the experience and memory of it and when not experienced it does not exist as time in the personal sense. That which is outside of the action of time within time would be in a state of temporal grace.

I would not accept time travel in the conventional interpretation of changing the past to cause changes in the present because of violations of conservation, but like many things, they are just observations and nothing can be held as absolute, though it would have a heavy burden of proof. Of course doing and creating such a thing is proof enough. There are some odd things to be known in this universe and perhaps I need to take a closer look at quantum dots and quantum entanglements with a fresh perspective. The universe certainly has some strange corners.

The realization that time travel of a sort was one of the first neural developments, suggests that some very odd things can be creeping about in the genome. When you combine magnetic molecules, entanglement, precognition, molecular machines, and complexity on a scale of trillions of factorial infinities it is ,technically, more than impressive.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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