Knowing travels faster than light

There is no logical or theoretical limit to knowing that which is outside our light hypercone. By that I mean that since our information is delayed by light speeds, there is matter which has already followed its causal process to a new state and though we may not be aware of that state, it has transpired and knowing what that state is does not violate causality.

I am very skeptical of entanglement because of its super-luminary quality, but I must recant as knowledge of space which is beyond the time frame is not impossible and in some cases is utterly predictable. I suppose the fact that we can isolate the process method and measure the states does imply that in many circumstances the future or future passed is visible in computation.

I suppose this is a foundation for quantum entanglement and I have made a mistake to say that because I can devise no rule that extends a valid theory to explain that which is experimental, it cannot be. I do go on about nature and how it can experiment with aspects of the universe which have yet to understand. This is the nature of experimentation. We need not know that it has solid scientific foundation in order to try something to see what happens.

In the case of the universe it has a time and facts which hide in the hypercone. There is no physical reason that it cannot be known and in some cases it is. There is also the n-dimensional inverse hypercone which also exists and it could be known also. Thus it is possible to do something beyond entanglement to transport information. It would imply that the security of entanglement is not so secure at all and in fact is subject to secondary, tertiary and more super entanglements.

I would also have to assume that no physicist or experimenter has yet realized how the high light is produced and how it is useful. If they had discovered its secret, it would certainly be applied due to its advantage.

Strange things happen when technology gets so complex that no one understands it any more. There is too much information and ability in the instrumentality to know what unexpected consequence can proceed. A case in point is the POTUS asking people to contact the congress and complain. It is very much like the slashdot effect and is technically an instigation to perform a DDOS upon the congress. It would seem that POTUS has engaged in spamming and cyberwar upon the Congress, and whether he intended it to make it impossible for others to provide their input, it is done and by making this noise has drowned out every other voice. Certainly it is a DDOS and I would guess that it was intentional, though clogging the Intertubes is no help to anybody. What might also be comical is the NSA or DHS putting an IP block on the White House as part of an automated response to cyber terrorism. It is very dangerous to attempt mechanical control of a process which is chaotic or simply beyond calculation. It adds energy to the systems and that must go somewhere, and if the process is beyond computation, something unintended and detrimental to intent is likely to happen, either now or some time later.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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